From the Middle East to the Mississippi Delta

Well I suppose this is the best way to make it official – I’m moving back to the good ol’ US of A…to Mississippi.

No, I’m not kidding. Yes, Mississippi.

I think I’m actually as shocked as you are at the moment, and I haven’t even moved yet! I’m sure you’re wondering how in the hell did someone who has lived abroad the last five years wind up making the decision to transition to, as the job description says, “a small town in the deep south”?

So here we go.

You see, about two months ago I lost my beloved grandma. Around that time I was sitting in a starbucks, contemplating the decisions in my life that had gotten me to that point, when I saw a post on the Mitchell Scholar network. Something about Ole Miss looking for Mitchell Scholars to teach in their honors college – so I clicked on the link, drafted a quick cover letter, and pressed the submit button. I confided only in my sister, a dear friend in Minnesota who is used to my doing crazy things, and my man.

Alina’s comment – “so what are you going to do when you get a job offer in Mississippi?”

Barry’s comment – “I guess we’re going to be moving to Mississippi?”

Sara’s comment (paraphrased, but perhaps the one most in tune with my line of thinking) “that’s going to be a great place to travel from! New Orleans!!!”

I didn’t really hear anything on the Mississippi front until Mid-February when I was invited for an interview. At that point I had already suggested to my job that I wouldn’t stay for another academic year… justifying it with my 2016 resolution “take more risks,” and confident in knowing that there are always ways to make money if you’re willing to work.

So, I interviewed with the nicest people I have ever met in a job interview – and immediately knew that if offered this job, I’d be moving to Mississippi with Barry and Boomer.

So here we are – planning to move to the Little Big Easy in Northern Mississippi (where there isn’t an international airport for more than 70 miles – WHAT HAVE I DONE?), if even for a year or two, and let the good times roll.