Pet passports, tornados, health insurance

This move is doing some crazy things to my type-A, list making, obsessive over details self, and praise be to Barry who is just sitting on the side-lines watching the crazy whirlpool happen.

Normally when I travel, all of that gets set aside and I just go with the flow…

but 3 major country/continent moves have taught me just how bad of an idea that can be when applied to actually moving somewhere…and this is a US move, so my default make-a-scene-and-if-all-else-fails-bribe-someone, can do attitude may not work so well.

To help organize myself, I bought a notebook and keep it in my purse to keep track of the random things that come to mind at any point… there are a lot of lists happening, most of which reflect my inability to focus. Today’s three items are:

  1. Pet Passport
  2. Tornados (or is it Tornadoes???)
  3. Health Insurance (this is on every list)

You see, we are in the process of getting Boomer ready to travel…even though his departure will be well after mine…and at 3am last night, I woke up and thought “does he need to get a photo taken for the passport book?? Where would I even do that?”

Then my mind wandered to what you actually have to do for your pet in a tornado… which brought me to a 4:30a.m. google search of the appropriate plural form of that word, as well as advice as to what goes in a tornado kit for your home.

If you see Barry, wish him luck for the next three months.






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