I recently arrived in Tbilisi…

I have a few rules about arriving in countries that I’ve never visited before. 

1) never arrive in the dark 

2) always carry a bottle of water with you

3) have a minimal amount of local currency 

Arriving in Tbilisi at 4:30am… I violated all my rules. It was dark, I was out of water, and I had no local currency on me. I found the guy, or at least the guy I hoped was actually from my B&B, and hopped in the back seat – speeding off into the great unknown. 

On a blog post I’ve recently misplaced, I said that I hoped the wine would be plentiful. That, at least, seems to be true. Everyone is offering it all the time.  

Take my favorite Georgian lady… I ask her for directions, she decides not to write me off for my lack of Georgian and Russian. Instead, I got a very useful lesson in wine pricing, and recycling of bottles for the ever important purpose of $1 wine. She also attempted to give me some lessons in the local language, emphasizing I needed to know how to order a shot of vodka. She also spent a long but of time lecturing me about my terrible choices of foot wear before sending me on my way with a bouquet of lavender and a liter of wine. 



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