It took me a minute 

I’m not gonna lie, it took me a minute to warm up to Georgia. I knew instantly it had the qualities of a country I would love – friendly people, amazing history, and, copious amounts of wine. Actually liking it though took a full 24 hours…

Yesterday I wandered around a bit dazed and confused. Lacking Georgian and Russian, things didn’t seem to be going my way. What’s more, I fell sick to 8 days of constant travel, extreme temperature changes and lack of nutritious meals. I went to bed sick, and woke up hungry. 

But today! Today, I visited Gori and the Stalin museum… Which is perhaps the best museum I’ve ever been in. Second only to the museum about the Iraq war that I visited in Kuwait way back when. Stalin everywhere! Even carpets with Stalin’s face on them. If I didn’t think Barry would murder me, I’d totally bring that home for our Mississippi living room. 

So without the carpet, I wandered back toward Tbilisi. By wandered I mean my guide (also known as the random guy, not guide who relied on Siri to locate just about everything) careened down a country road and dodged random goats while telling me “oh I like this road. This road is nice.” In broken English and broken Georgian (he tried his best to help me understand, with my pathetic grasp of Russian or Georgian) he told me about the area. 

Once in Tbilisi I wandered down for a bath at the sulphur bath houses. More on this in a coming post. Let’s leave it at my love for a good bath will instantly move me from the “eh it’s okay” category of country love to the “oh my god. I may never leave” category. Why can’t America get on board with a good bath? For real? 

Tomorrow I’m bound for wine tasting – as one of my last trips before the move down south, I’m making this one count. 


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