One month to go!

I’m down to one month left in Doha, before heading stateside. I seem to be hovering in the “I have so much to do, I’ll just take a nap” mode, and “I’ve never been so productive in my life” mode. The balance at the moment does not exist.

One of the challenges I have is that I am essentially starting over. Aside from a few well loved coffee mugs, lots of persian rugs, and my passport, I don’t really have anything to my name. This is made all the more difficult that Barry and I will be operating two households an ocean apart.

So here we are, I’m trying to make a budget while keeping in mind that I know there will be dozens of items that I forget about along the way. The corkscrew and wine glasses have already made the list… wine glasses are versatile… you can drink water out of them if you have to. Hangers are on there too.

How tacky would it be to solicit donations?

Anyone have advice on starting over?


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