First impressions

We arrived in Mississippi last night for a few days to get an idea about the place before I move here officially in August. For back story, Qatar sent me off in a very Qatari way – food poisoning and absolute misery for the 16 hour + flight.

Here are my first impressions…

  1. Memphis airport was shockingly disappointing. We arrived at the “A” gates… and it felt like being back in Montana, hardly like being a city. I have hope for gates B & C. I do think that it should be a disclaimer when you get a job offer that the nearest airport is over an hour away, but here we are – more cause to explore the area.
  2. People are REALLY friendly. I expected folks to be friendly, but not so welcoming/hospitable. Mississippi in that sense is a lot like Yemen… perhaps there will be more comparisons in the coming weeks.
  3. The snake stereotype is one for a reason – my entire like I kind of thought that the south in general is full up on things like snakes, alligators, and bugs. So far I’ve found little evidence to the contrary – I nearly stepped on a snake yesterday while walking back from dinner, and I was less than amused with the mosquitos in the Memphis airport.
  4. It is beautiful here – not in the way that the Rockies are beautiful, but in its own way. I’m okay with that.
  5. Things here are easy – incredibly easy. After working at a place where bureaucracy is the norm, and “helpful” isn’t, it’s nice to be somewhere where it’s easy.



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