So I’ve been here a few days now, and I think I’m overcoming the shock of how small the town is, how friendly the people are (seriously, these may be the friendliest people in the US), and how much beer is accessible at any moment (my beer drinking tour of the south is already in full swing!).

There are a few things that now seem a bit ridiculous… among them we have:

“well you best watch out for your little dog, the birds of prey out here will get’em real good.” I, naturally, thought they were making fun of my yankee ways… but no, apparently I’ve got to watch out for boomer and make sure he’s not dinner for a hawk somewhere. Tornados, snakes, and alligators were on my list of “things to stay the hell away from,” but hawks and birds of prey were not on there.

The other thing is that you can apparently tell if a snake is poisonous by “just lookin’ at it.” Apparently if it “runs away, it’s okay, but if it gets up and looks right at ya – you got a problem.” Considering this advice came just 12 hours after I nearly walked over the top of one that looked right at me, I think this should come in the new employee handbook.

There’s also no shopping mall in Oxford… there’s a Belks, which is allegedly a smaller JC Penney type of store… my beloved grandmother, god rest her soul, would be over the  moon that they at least have that.

Perhaps the best, although maybe it’s the worst part, is that I can SEE myself saying these things in a year’s time. Without a hint of irony… ideally on my front porch, in a rocker… which is my current life goal… “Well sure, you can tell if it’s gonna bite ya just by looking at it.” Simply put, I’d say after a week it’s something like love.





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