The Delta

We recently visited the famed Mississippi Delta region, more specifically Clarksdale and Greenville. Apparently for most people here, visiting the Delta is a rather strange behavior or life choice.

The Delta, and my subsequent desire to visit, is detailed in Richard Grant’s “Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta.” It’s highly entertaining, but I certainly didn’t believe that most of it was true… I was proven wrong when we arrived in Clarksdale on Friday. We dropped into Ground Zero Blues Club – owned and operated by three Clarksdale residents, among them the Mayor, a guy  I’m not too sure about, and Morgan Freeman.

Side note… Every review mentions Morgan Freeman – including “what would Morgan do” about bad service. I’m not sure why they think he cares… or why they should really care…First of all, there’s not much for choice for the wandering tourist in Clarksdale. Second, how can you complain about a place that offers a limo service to avoid drunk driving? That’s what I thought. Third, the music is great, food is good and the beer is cold – I’m not too sure what else you want out of a Blues club.

Anyway, we walked into Ground Zero and immediately met the Mayor… he feigned shock and surprise when I said “hey! You’re a main character in that book I read!” According to the Mayor, Dispatches from Pluto is the bestselling book in Mississippi, but he didn’t think anyone else had ever read it… I told him “Darlin’ its the best selling book these days about Mississippi too.”

Later on, another character detailed and described in the book, got word that I am headed to Mississippi for a year – as we walked through his shop, we heard him get on the phone to spread the word. Apparently he missed the memo that I’m moving to Oxford… not to Clarksdale. “Close enough for me honey.”

The Delta, and Mississippi in general, are dangerous for my habit of talking to random people.


The Dollar Sign Blues, detailed and explained by Josh Razorblade Stewart when he invited himself to join our table for a beer…

and Josh Razorblade Stewart, himself below.



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