Getting there is half the story 

I can’t really remember how the phrase goes, but something like getting there is half the fun or the journey blah blah blah. Well, let me tell you what’s not fun – when the 12 hour journey to Costa Rica becomes 28 hours. 

Let’s start at the beginning, Barry and I bid farewell to my beautiful mom, and head out in the car she ordered – nevermind the fact the driver thought Snohomish was Everett – “it’s so much smaller than I expected!” We arrived promptly at southwest check in (about 6am), got coffee, and waited at the gate. 

10.25 expected time of departure with two hour layover in Houston 

10.10 – the southwest official announces the plane is broken, and the mechanic is on his way… 3 hour delay. My first thought is that Seattle is the manufacturing hub of airplanes – why will it take the mechanic at least an hour to get there? Shouldn’t an airport have a mechanic on staff? My second thought is, well that second flight isn’t going to happen. 

10.15 southwest announces the rebooking of flights. 

10.20 our first offer is to wait 24 hours to take the next sequence

10.21 oops, there’s only one available seat. The next available southwest flight is in 2 days. 

10.25 nevermind, we will delay the second plane and you can go tonight. 

10.45 Barry and I go have a drink in the airport bar. 

11.30 southwest pages us to come back to the check in desk so we can be told that they will try to book us with another carrier because now the plane is not going anywhere. 

12.30/1.00 we are booked on a United flight that goes on the following path: Seattle to Newark to San Jose – arriving mid day the day after we should be at the beach. 

1.45 southwest asks us to go get our bags and pay United to check them in (I’m less than amused)

1.47 the bags are lost. 

2.30 the bags are still lost 

3.00 the bags are located at curbside check in – who knows why. 

3:30 we check in with United and go back through tsa check points (mind you I have pre approval, which apparently doesn’t apply at all for the day from hell)

5:10 I decide to check online if our 9:45pm flight to Newark is on time. It’s not. 3 hour delay. 

5:15 David, the beautiful soul from United, rebooks us on a 6 pm to San Francisco, then a connecting flight to Newark, then God willing, Costa Rica. 

6:00 board flight to San Fran. 

8:30 attempt to board flight to Newark (also delayed) but am forced to surrender my carry on (which fit in the stupid dimension box) for gate side check in. 

8:33 Barry finally loses temper. 

9:50 flight departs for Newark – we are somehow on board. Flight attendant explains to me that we should be fine getting to our connection. 

6am. We arrive at the gate with 30 minutes to spare, only to learn that we may be rebooked on THE NEXT DAYS FLIGHT because our current flight is oversold. 

6:30 – we board the flight after someone else is kicked off. 

11:00am – we arrive in San Jose – and miraculously so does all of our luggage. 

Luckily for me, my friend Erin was coaching me through remaining calm via Facebook messenger. 

I am now on the balcony at the hotel, drinking a local beer. Pura Vida. 


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