Culture Shock: Where is the wine? edition

I thought my days of difficulty in accessing alcohol were behind me the day I got on the plane out of Doha – to be fair my license (the one that allows me to buy a bottle or two of wine at the country’s only liquor store) is still safely tucked away in my wallet. The license that allows me to drive is no where to be found, so we can clearly see where my priorities are.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when, at Walmart for the millionth time in two days, I realized that there was no wine to be found. Sure, you could find an arbor mist – and a couple brands of beer – but the wine was no where to be found. Allegedly you have to go to a different store. I gave up my efforts last night, and attempted to go again this afternoon. The first store I found was a “beer” store – luckily it sells beer, and doesn’t close before 6pm… the saleslady did offer to bring in local Montana beers for me. The next store – the wine & liquor store – actually did have wine. They also offered to order my favorite brands of wine… All in all, it’s a win.

Apparently in the past you couldn’t buy cold beer here… only warm beer. I have no words.


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