Small Town Life

The reality of small town living in Mississippi often catches me off guard – by most of my student’s standards, Oxford is the big city. For me, Oxford is the southern living version of the town I grew up in. The equivalent number of streets, the quaint “downtown” area, and an oddly high number of both nail salons and below average Mexican restaurants.

Yesterday I went to the good will, grabbed a book that caught my eye, got home, flipped to the front page and saw that my office mate was the book’s previous owner. Curious about this, I grabbed the other book I bought, flipped to the first page, and found the name of one of my former students.

Shortly after the Good Will visit, I went into Walmart and ran into 5 different students. All of whom had come on their own, all of whom greeted me –

The night before that, I went with a co-worker to grab a glass of wine in an empty bar. The only other group to walk in was a group of our colleagues from another department. This makes me all the more aware of going for a late night grocery run in my pajamas, or venting about my daily frustrations.


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