I am absolutely in love with Birmingham, Alabama…It could be that I’m starved for city life, because Birmingham doesn’t have that many great options for food, grocery, or walkable neighborhoods. It was also terribly cold – 

But… more than one option for decent coffee, and great beer! Incredible history that has been supported by both the city and the state! Friendly people who actually take the time to engage in conversation. It was a much needed break from small town living – I have threatened repeatedly to look for jobs in Birmingham. 

Perhaps the best part of the city is how much there is to do within the city and just outside it. Some incredible hiking, and plenty of outdoor activities… moreover, most activities are free! 

The only Ethiopian food we found was both mediocre and overpriced… coupled with people using forks (I’m sorry, what?) who proceeded to stare silently at me while I ate my injera and lentils. Luckily, the woman behind the counter gave me a thumbs up and complimented my eating etiquette. I find that most people I meet are baffled by my preference for, and skill at, eating with my hands. I often neglect to tell them that for the better part of two years I was reprimanded and coached over Kebsa like a small child on the floor of a Missoula apartment. 


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