Ghost River, TN 

Early last week, Barry and I set out in a canoe down the Ghost River… these photos were taken before setting off – we have different ideas of canoe stability and therefore, I wasn’t about to leave my phone anywhere but a dry bag.

The Ghost River Conservancy is approximately an hour north of Oxford, MS in Tennessee  – there are various put ins, but we went off on a five hour La Grange to Bateman Bridge segment involving a meandering river, a cyprus swamp, a “lake” and a hell of a lot of snakes.

The Ghost River is full of trees (and spiders, and snakes) that have to be navigated around – for people who are not great with steering canoes (ahem, Barry), this can be rather challenging. It probably also didn’t help that I found some relatively random gentleman on the internet to take us out on this expedition, who shouted relatively helpful advise from the safety of his canoe.

We have now come to the agreement that for the sake of our relationship we will not be canoeing together – you can add this to my refusal to be his buddy on a scuba diving trip. Sure, we can both be underwater at the sometime, but absolutely cannot be paired together. It’s totally possible to have an argument 30 feet under water. 


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