Omnivore’s Dilemma

In March, my students and I were exploring food choices, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen. As part of this, they were required to keep a food journal for 3 weeks – documenting each meal through my Fitness Pal, and submitting it at the end with their own commentary or observations on choice, health etc.

I forgot how *southern* my freshman are until we did this experiment. Take a guide to southern cooking cookbook, open to any page, and I guarantee that particular dish was recorded by at least 1 of the 45 freshman.

Crawfish… check.
Fried chicken… check.
Green beans… check.
Greens… check.
Okra… check.
Corn…. check.
Cornbread… check.
Shrimp Etouffe… check.
Jambalaya… check.
Pulled pork… check.
Fried pies… check.
Mud pie… check.
Chocolate chocolate cake…check.

This was also a great way for me to realize just how much southern cuisine has infiltrated my own diet and food preferences… that and I have now acquired a number of skillets (cast iron as well as not).

On my own part, I’ve started adapting most of these foods to accommodate my vegetarian lifestyle. Green beans, vegetarian jambalaya, cornbread… I finally got around to figuring out what a hushpuppy was, and now that I know, delicious.