Road Trips –

After arriving in Yazoo City to find most restaurants closed, I decided to snap a picture of its colorful main street and continue on to Natchez.

At this point I was already feeling stressed, and to be honest, over the idea of the whole trip. Almost immediately outside of Yazoo City, I hit another patch of bad weather and called my mother in tears. Always the voice of reason, she promptly told me to drive onto Vicksburg and then get a hotel for the night.

An hour later, she had a reservation for me at a Ramada Inn. An hour after that I bought a $3.50 bottle of wine, and a $5 pizza and grabbed a seat at the pool at the hotel next to my hotel.

The forecast called for more storms outside of Natchez, and so the next day, rather than continue on with my plan, I abandoned ship and started making my way northward. Committed to going to find the carved bears at Rolling Fork, and hopeful for a tour of Mont Helena… I rolled into Rolling Fork at about 9am. Things were on track to be in Leland, MS for a quick hello to Kermit by 11:30, and then a tour of the BB King Museum at 1.

Best laid plans.


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