Black Jack

Saturday night I went for a cat fish fry at Black Jack presbyterian church – its a small country church near Sardis Lake, where my boss used to be the minister. As a vegetarian, and a non-Christian it seemed like an odd thing to do (go for fish at a church), but he assured me it would be the best time I could have on a Saturday night in June in Mississippi.

Turns out, this is completely true. First of all, the food was SO good. I skipped the catfish, but had the vegetarian options of hush puppies, squash, coleslaw and french fries. When it came to dessert, despite being full, I was handed a plate with a sampling of each, lest I insult someone by not trying and loving their homemade dessert contribution.

Second of all, folks were very friendly. They had word early on that two new people might arrive for the catfish, so it was a very quick and easy introduction. Barry, heavy in accent and fast in speech, proceeded to have a long conversation with a Black Jack local… who was in the midst of a long conversation with the Zimbabwean on a different topic, but they both seemed to be enjoying themselves so I didn’t try to merge their conversation back to one.






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